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The Statue of Jesus Returned


Augusta teen admits role in homicide plea

ABC News Report on Bullying

Grovetown 8th Grader Takes His Own Life

Greenbrier School Prank

Laws named after victims.

The attached article is a great representation of laws that were named after victims.

Youth Challenge Academy

Several parents have asked about Youth Challenge Academy.  I do not pretend to be an expert on the program but I have presented TY101 there several times and think the program can be very beneficial for teens with “issues.”  Understand that as a judge, I cannot sentence your child to attend Youth Challenge.  But I have seen cases where relatively minor charges are dismissed when the offender agrees to voluntarily attend Youth Challenge.  But Youth Challenge is hard–it has qualities that are similar to boot camp but there is no military commitment after the program ends.  The goal is to change attitudes and assist with education (HS diploma or GED) and some job skills  But more importantly, life skills.  For some participants, this program is the difference between prison and life outside of prison. 

I have been impressed with the program and think it fills a huge need in our community.  But like everything else, it is not the quick fix that many folks think it is.  Changing behaviors that have been in place for years is not corrected in minutes or even days.  HERE is the website for Youth Challenge at Fort Gordon.

Georgia Driver’s License site

This is a link to the Georgia driver’s license web site and deals with teen driver issues.

How much is charged for TY101 presentations?

     None.  There is never a charge for Judge Padgett to present the program.  This is his passion and he does not present the program for financial gain.  Several people have been gracious enough to donate their time, talents and resources to TY101 and some people have even donated funds to the program, allowing Judge Padgett to update technology and content for the program.

Is TY101 recorded for viewing outside of a live presentation?

     The short answer is no, it is not.  The reason is that attendees usually ask a number of questions to Judge Padgett which is an important part of the presentation and cannot be captured effectively on a recording.  Additionally, the topics and the way they are addressed changes from time to time and it is simply too expensive to re-record the presentation every time a change is made to the presentation.