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Ban On Texting & Emailing While Driving



2 Lakeside students suspended over ‘disturbing’ online posts



You Tube video by Erik Qualman



Don’t do it.



Amanda Todd- Bullied


Great texting and driving video

AT&T has generously produced an outstanding anti-texting and driving video that all young drivers and parents should watch.

Click HERE to watch.  There is also a link to the video on our Facebook page.

Link to texting-while-driving.org

     I have been referred to this site (LINK) and have looked around.  It seems like a great source of information on the subject.  I did notice that they put up a map of the USA and ommitted some states where texting while driving  is illegal (i.e. Georgia).  It may just be an older map so if you do not see your state on the list, you may want to update the information.

Georgia law change–Texting while driving

     Effective July 1, 2010, it is illegal for anyone (adults included) to text while driving.  There is no exception for when the car is stopped at a traffic signal, in traffic, etc.  The important point that might be missed is that if the driver is under age 18, it is also illegal to talk on a cellular telephone.  The media has explained the no texting law in some detail but there has been less coverage on the cellular issue for those under 18.  I am not aware of any exception for a “hands free” device and I believe the restriction applies to being involved in a cellular telephone call in any manner. 

     Law enforcement officers have explained that they think it may be tough to enforce (a fact that was also discussed by Governor Perdue at the time he signed the bill) but teens need to be aware of the ban.  There are numerous Web-based photos, videos, etc of tragedies which have occurred as a result of texting while driving but, as always, teens seem to think those things will never happen to them.

New sexting case from Atlanta

Recently, the dangers of “sexting” became apparant in an Atlanta school.  Click here to read the AJC article on the incident.  The issue has been prominent in the news for several years but most teens believe that this can never happen to them.  Most adults believe that their children would never do such a thing.  As we have repeatedly stated, the advances in technology usually cause a delayed response from lawmakers who try to react to cases where technology is misused.

If you are addressing a sexting issue in your home, remind your teens of this fact: everyone has been involved in a romantic relationship that ended badly.  If the ex is in possession of a sexting message, he/she may well use that message against you in the aftermath of the breakup.  AND, once such a message is sent, you are no longer in control of where that message ends up.


Recently District Attorney Ashley Wright spoke to a local gathering about her concerns and observations with teens and the Internet.  Click HERE to read the article from the Chronicle.