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     Ok, what is it and why do kids do it?  The reality is that our teens have cell phones with messaging plans and they frequently share messages that are not a good idea.  But the advent of sexting is real and more common than you might believe.  A person takes a photo of themselves (usually nude or partially nude) and shares that photo with a boyfriend/girlfriend.  It all seems like a good idea, right?  Well, my message is that we have all been through relationships that ended with “bad” breakups.  And now that ex-boyfriend/girlfriend has a photo of you that he/she will forever be able to hold over your head.  Images on the Internet (or cellphones) never expire and Lord only knows who all has these photos.

     The other thing that always struck me is how crazy taking a nude photo of yourself is, regardless of who you think you are sharing it with.  Same with videos of private moments.  Just do not understand it.  But sexting has a cool name and has been in the news recently more than any of us wish.  HERE is a link to a recent article on the subject.  For some reason, there are people who do not see this trend as a problem (see comments to the article).  I am not one of those people.

National Abstinence Education Association

There have been several recent articles about the issue of abstinence and the impact that abstinence training has on teens.  The website for the National Abstinence Education Association is HERE.  Again, remember I am not endorsing any particular website on this site–just giving you information to discuss in your home, class, church, etc.  Do what you wish with this information.

Georgia sex offender registry web site

This is a link to the Georgia sex offender web site.

Ga Sex Offender Web Site

Information about links

From time to time, we will post links to web sites that discuss issues that are related to TY101 issues.  Please do not assume that these links are endorsed or supported by TY101.  Such sites may contain facts that are incorrect or support “causes” that we do not support.  Parents are the best filters of information and whether you find such information to be reliable is a decision that YOU must make.